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it’s eventually going to be my primary account, for now i’m just showcasing my custom sneakers i did for myself.. come 2014 i’ll be taking custom orders but for now i’m just trying to get better at it. so yeah, follow if you want, i’d appreciate it.

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wasted time.

i’m good.. content.

as of now. thanks for asking.

my shit don’t ever stop, suck my green light.
Wale is rap’s Breath of Fresh Air
i don’t care what you say about me, just make sure you spell my name right.
got a big- ego.

quit telling people “you’re just like everyone else” or “you’re just like his fans”
you can’t categorize a person off of 1 thing they said, cause they can easily tell you that you’re just like everyone else too for categorizing them in the first place. stop putting labels on people. you do you, they will do them. whether they support a certain thing that you don’t like, or not, they are still an individual. you might not like what they like, they might not like what you like. it doesn’t matter. if you love diversity then why are you getting all amped up when somebody opposes you on a certain topic anyways? we will never progress, ego’s will get in the way. i promise.